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TV programs on FPE    (note: Many of these TV programs include examples of local fires and incidents in which the FPE breakers and panels were identified as the cause or a contributing factor.)  

NBC - New York City

NBC - San Francisco Bay Area

NBC - Dallas/Fort Worth

NBC - Boston  (transcript of program)

ABC - Orlando   (Program 1)

ABC - Orlando   (Program 2)

CBS - Kansas City   (transcript of program)

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Dallas News  Aug. 21, 2010

Business Week   July 21, 1980

Dateline Journal  Feb. 3, 1999

Other Websites

Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation

Consumer Product Safety Commission  1983 press release on FPE, with note added 2011

Angie’s List

Code Check (updated 12/22/2012)